This past Sunday I made my homemade pancake recipe (with white whole wheat flour, and flax). I decided to make the kids a surprise by making the pancakes into the first letter of their names.  I couldn’t find a squeeze bottle, so I put some of the batter into a zip top bag and cut a small hole from the corner.  I then piped out the letters onto the skillet.  I found that cooking them on a lower temp made it easier to flip the letters (the tops could cook longer and were less runny).  When they saw their letters, the kids were thrilled!  Then I decided that the Monday pancake sandwich could be even more cool if I used these letters. I made two more of each letter and later that night spread some peanut butter and jelly between them. Voila! “Letter Pancake Sandwiches.”

Here is Asa’s lunch today: Letter Pancake Sandwich, Pumpkin Spice Cookie, Caramel Popcorn, raw veggie medley (grape tomatoes, carrots and broccoli), vanilla Yogurt with raspberries and vanilla flax granola. Yum!!

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