This week Cara, a vegetarian nutritionist talks about her mother’s vegetarian lasagna, a great “Cook Once, Eat Twice” kind of meal with tons of nutritious vegetable. Cara’s mother happens to be a pediatrician, too!

I have the best Mom, and now Evelyn has the best grandmother in the world. Mom fed us brown rice before it was cool and insisted I eat yogurt every morning for 4 years of high school. The healthy eating habits Mom instilled in us as children are now second nature to my siblings and me. It is this early “training” that drives me to provide healthy meals to Evelyn. I see how important it is to encourage healthy eating right from birth.

Mom is always trying to find healthy, vegetarian recipes to serve when we come to visit. Our family favorite, which is now Evelyn’s favorite as well, is vegetarian lasagna. Don’t stop reading… lasagna is a worthy time commitment and really nothing more than simple assembly.
Here is everything you need:
Reduced fat ricotta cheese
Part skim shredded mozzarella cheese
Lasagna noodles (We have had little success with the no boil noodles. I recommend the old fashion kind that you boil first).
Your favorite pasta sauce (I mentioned in an earlier post that we use Rao’s or Prego HeartSmart).
VEGGIES!!! Add steamed or frozen veggies to your heart’s content!\
Now all you have to do is assemble in a casserole pan and bake for about 35 minutes in a 375 degree oven. Don’t stress about layers and what goes between what. The flavors meld and cook together. Plus, if your child is anything like Evelyn, they’ll have smeared, splattered, and destroyed any food you place before them.

The best part about Mom’s lasagna is that there are always leftovers. I place individual portions in glass containers and freeze them for later. I toss a frozen portion in Evelyn’s lunch box that can be easily reheated for a meal she adores.

Our favorite lasagna veggies are carrots, spinach, and red peppers. What are your favorite lasagna additions??

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