is now one year old! It was this time last year that I started rounding up the Tiny Tasters in hopes that they could show other kids how to love good food. Week after week, these kiddos tried my recipes, both good and bad, and gave me their honest feedback. They started out like most kids with lots of strong food preferences. Over the course of the year (and over 100 recipes!) I have seen them grow so much, and seen them accept foods they none of us believed they would. It’s been a very exciting year. To celebrate our one year anniversary, I invited a few of my most regular tasters over to shoot a video and enjoy some lunch with me. The tasters arrived and helped pick a fresh greens, carrots, broccoli and radishes for a big salad. I made homemade wheat bread, salad, different types of cheeses, and a fresh fruit platter. They reminisced about the foods they used to not like and now love. They talked about why they like being Tiny Tasters. And I told them about the important work they are doing, showing families that kids can love REAL FOOD.


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